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Phill and Shenoah Grove

The Nation's Top Post-Bubble Real Estate Investor

  • Involved in over 1,200 deals worth over $200,000,000.
  • Leading expert on making money in real estate in today's Post-Bubble Economy

What Phill and Shenoah Will Teach You:

12 Unique Strategies to MAKE MONEY Investing in Real Estate

  • Including: swaps, mortgage assignments, flips, wholesaling, wraps, auctions, options, short sales, and 4 more...
  • 35 Proven/Tested Online and Offline Strategies to FIND DEALS.
  • 25 Ways to BRAND Yourself to get DEALS AND MONEY to Come to You.
  • 75 Questions To Ask A Seller To Get Them To SELL TO YOU.
  • 9 Tested/Proven Scripts - The Exact Words To Say (and When) to CLOSE ANY DEAL Almost INSTANTLY.
  • 21 Ways to ANALYZE ANY DEAL To Make Sure it’s SAFE and PROFITABLE.
  • 56 Tips for Building Your Business: SAFE, FAST, & PROFITABLE.


As part of your Real Estate Investor Association Membership of $100 for a single member and $150 for a partner membership, we will GIVE you 2 tickets to the Big Live Event for free! Please note that this event retails for $1,000 and we only have a limited number of tickets to give away. (Offer only valid to attend the Big Live Event workshop 1 time at this special rate and for Real Estate Investor Association Members only. If you'd like to attend again, the price is $1,000. Take advantage of this opportunity today!)

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At This Event You Will Learn

  • Start... Grow... Explode any business!
  • How to master the art of outsourcing to get more done!
  • Fast and easy ways to raise capital.
  • How to start a new side" income stream that runs 24/7 on autopilot.
  • Learn how to do it yourself, or let us introduce you to people and resources that will do it all for you
  • Build passive income and massive wealth leveraging specialized knowledge and other people's money
  • No experience or sales skills necessary. We will demonstrate actual case studies of how this is done - step-by-step.


Nathan Long

(Presenting at Houston Events Only)

CEO of Quest IRA, Inc. is the brother of Quest IRA, Inc. President/Owner H. Quincy Long. Nathan has a background, and comes from, a real estate investing family. 



More About Nathan Long:

Nathan has helped Quest IRA, Inc. grow from a small 5 person family business to a small company with more than 35 employees and over $500MM under administration for over 5000 clients. Nathan also practices what he teaches by having his own IRA, HSA and 401(k) to invest in the assets and strategies that Quest IRA, Inc. teaches. If you have talked with anyone who has heard or seen Nathan present information on Self-Directed IRAs, you would know that he presents the information in such a fun manner that it is almost impossible not to like him right away and understand everything that he has just presented. 

Plus: Mystery Speaker!

What MR. X Will Teach You:

  • Why everything you THINK you know about branding is wrong! (HINT: it’s not about WHAT you say... and it’s not even about HOW you say it... HERE you will find out what “branding” really is!)
  • How to set yourself apart from the competition.
  • Creating instant authority status even if you’re new to a market.
  • The power of a USP and how to build one for your business.
  • The WOW experience.
  • Dominating Social Media - the easy way.
  • Reinforcing and protecting your brand.
  • How to control the first page of Google searches in your marketplace.
  • Using simple VIDEO in your marketing for extraordinary results.
  • The exact methods one company used to make their brand worth over $193,000,000,000.
  • The distintly different levels of branding - and why not knowing then can ruin your business.
  • How any business can get free advertising, more profitability and enhanced credibility... with minimal effort.
  • Build a professional looking website with no technical experience.
  • How to discover what people are searching for online and use that to target your future customers.
  • Using persuasive advertising for your website that generates sales for you 24/7. Creating your ultimate online business plan, from start to finish.
  • How to make your clients your greatest advocates – and this is NOT what you might think it is!
  • The one way to NEVER be indistinguishable or irrelevant to your target market again.
  • How to stop begging clients for business… and start having them beg YOU for your products and services.
  • How to develop an irresistible personality online – that will make your prospects want to do business with you.
  • How a blog can be the foundation of your online presence (even if you sell mousetraps).
  • Build a list of thousands of subscribers to your email list, ready and waiting for every message you send.
  • Use automated email marketing to make money just by pressing the send button!
  • The secrets to outsourcing all of your work for less than $4 per hour.
  • How to FOCUS your time and efforts for Maximum return. Avoid the distractions and only spend time where it matters most to make you more money.
  • And much more!

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