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People call this the top rated real estate investing event in North America because of the CONTENT!

Our content is so rich with no-BS, actionable money making ideas and not taught anywhere else strategies that it's not unusual for people to come back again and again and again…. You'll meet people that have attended 2..3..5..7 times!

These sessions will captivate you, and put your mind "in the zone" leaving you a different person than when you arrived. And, that's necessary, because if you want different results, you have to change yourself! You will be surprised and delighted by how much you learn.

"The 12 Strategies to Make Money Investing in Real Estate"

In this double session, Phill Grove teaches you the 12 fundamental real estate investing strategies including steps and case studies for each.

  • Wholesaling
  • Fix and Flip
  • Mortgage Assignment
  • Wraps and Seller Financing
  • Equity Partnering
  • Lease/Options
  • Auction/Options
  • Buy & Hold
  • Short Sales
  • House Swapping
  • Contracts for Deed
  • And Foreclosure Auctions

The Benefit: You will learn how to make money in any situation and create multiple streams of income

Phill will also talk about the risks and rewards of each strategy (nobody else tells you "the truth") as well financing needed for each.

"How to Find Great Deals Fast!"

In this session, Phill Grove teaches 35 ways to FIND DEALS FREE (using your time) and/or how to FIND DEALS FAST (using your money), even if you have no interest or talent for marketing at all. These strategies include:

  • 25 Ways to Brand Yourself - to get money and deals to come to you
  • 11 ways to find deals using internet marketing
  • 28 ways to find deals the old fashioned ways

The Benefit: You will learn how to find deals quickly and continuously in a scalable way. More deals = more income!

Phill will also teach how marketing works, and how to "create your message" for various real estate investing marketing efforts

"Close Any Deal!"

In this session, Phill Grove teaches about 30 tips for closing any deal quickly and easily. Even people "afraid of sales" can learn the questions to ask and simple "Ninja-Secret" closing scripts to use in any situation, or how to outsource sales" altogether. These tips include:

  • 72 Questions to ask a seller and the ultimate seller script
  • 9 simple and proven "closes" -- the exact words to say to close any deal
  • How to sep up a turn-key automated system for processing calls and leads

The Benefit: you will learn how to turn leads into dollars in a fast and highly effective and efficient way. You can do this yourself or outsource it. You will learn how to turn any lead and situation into a deal.

Phill will also teach how to practice these skills on free leads so that you can perfect your skill quickly.

"How to Never Lose Money Investing"

In this session, Phill Grove teaches all of the essential skills for evaluating deals including 21 methods for analyzing a deal to make sure you are investing safely and getting the most profit per deal.

  • Calculating Value
  • Calculating Risk
  • Calculating Repairs
  • Calculating the Best Strategy for each situation (including how to automate this)
  • How to build or evaluate a prospectus
  • Understanding title Reports and Liens

The Benefit: Most new investors lose money when getting started because they learn these lessons the hard way. Learn from other people’s mistakes and never lose money yourself.

Phill will also teach how to evaluate deals RAPIDLY so that you can make fast decisions and then more thoroughly after you get a deal under contract and are in your evaluation period.

"Money Money Money"

In this session, Phill Grove teaches how to find all the money you will ever need to be a real estate investor. The key is learning how to use other people’s money - even if you have your own - to make your business truly scalable. The session includes:

  • The Etiquette of money and how to ask for it
  • What people with money want and where to find them
  • Growing your business though partnering
  • Beginner, intermediate, and advanced financing strategies

The Benefits: The world is full of money looking for deals and deals looking for money. From this one session, you can learn how to be a successful investor without needing virtually any of your own money ever again.

"The Business Of Real Estate Investing"

In this session, Phill and Shenoah Grove teach 56 tips for how to build and run seven figure real estate investing company. The discussion includes:

  • Accounting, including how to use your IRA to invest in real estate
  • Building your Power Team - recruiting a free army invested in your success
  • Corporate Structures and maximum liability protection
  • Advanced Business Management and focusing your business
  • Transaction Processing - outsourcing the deals

The Benefits: Most investors spend years guessing how to set things up and learning painful lessons the hard way. In this session you learn from the wisdom of those that have already learned the hard way for you.

"Interstate Investing - Unlimited Deals and Money"

In this session, Lindsey Younts teaches how to find, evaluate, finance, buy, fix, and flip an unlimited number of Bulk-REO properties - ALL FROM YOUR DESK!". His discussion includes:

  • Where you can find hundreds of deals at pennies on the dollar all over the USA
  • Building your A-Team to manage your projects - right from your desk
  • Several step-by-step case studies of actual deals completed

The Benefits: All investors are looking for two things: deals and money. Lindsey presents a simple, repeatable method for getting and unlimited supply of both!

"Push Button Investing"

In this session, Damon Flowers teaches the 7-steps to putting your business online and on auto-pilot. The difference between doing one deal and one hundred deals will be determined by what you learn and utilize from this key session. The discussion includes:

  • Top-12 things you must do now to automate your business
  • How to build the ultimate "digital footprint" without knowing anything about technology
  • Where to get things done-for-you online

The Benefits: Technology scares people, unless it’s so simple, it’s an extension of you, in which case people are not scared of it, they demand it. Damon makes advanced technology for rea estate investors - iPad easy!

Marketing Capital - Financial Capital - Relational Capital"

Our "Mystery Celebrity Speaker" is the best in the world (and highest paid speaker in the world) for what he does! In this triple session he brings it all together with a powerful and high-level series of talks demonstrating the connection between marketing/branding, money, and relationships. These discussions include:

  • Why everything you THINK you know about branding is wrong! (HINT: it’s not about WHAT you say... and it’s not even about HOW you say it... HERE you will find out what "branding" really is!)
  • How to set yourself apart from the competition.
  • Creating instant authority status even if you’re new to a market.
  • The power of a USP and how to build one for your business.
  • The WOW experience.
  • Dominating Social Media - the easy way.
  • Reinforcing and protecting your brand.
  • How to control the first page of Google searches in your marketplace.
  • Using simple VIDEO in your marketing for extraordinary results.
  • The exact methods one company used to make their brand worth over $193,000,000,000.
  • The distintly different levels of branding - and why not knowing then can ruin your business.
  • How any business can get free advertising, more profitability and enhanced credibility... with minimal effort.
  • Build a professional looking website with no technical experience.
  • How to discover what people are searching for online and use that to target your future customers.
  • Using persuasive advertising for your website that generates sales for you 24/7. Creating your ultimate online business plan, from start to finish.
  • How to make your clients your greatest advocates – and this is NOT what you might think it is!
  • The one way to NEVER be indistinguishable or irrelevant to your target market again.
  • How to stop begging clients for business… and start having them beg YOU for your products and services.
  • How to develop an irresistible personality online – that will make your prospects want to do business with you.
  • How a blog can be the foundation of your online presence (even if you sell mousetraps).
  • Build a list of thousands of subscribers to your email list, ready and waiting for every message you send.
  • Use automated email marketing to make money just by pressing the send button!
  • The secrets to outsourcing all of your work for less than $4 per hour.
  • How to FOCUS your time and efforts for Maximum return. Avoid the distractions and only spend time where it matters most to make you more money.
  • And much more!

"The Power of You"

For most investors, their greatest limitation is what is between their ears. Most of us don’t think big enough and have no idea what our own potential is because we are pre-disposed (or programmed by our surroundings) to believe in the limiting factors that hold us back. In this session, Stedman Graham, the man that stole Oprah Winphry’s heart, discusses: "How to transcend obstacles and build relationships with those that have positive spirits and strong interpersonal skills."

The Benefits: The "how to" do deals is necessary but insufficient to becoming a mega-successful investor. so, for many attendees, this is the "missing link" they have been looking for.

Additional Sessions that may be included in the next Real Estate Summit:

  • "The State of the Real Estate Market"
  • "Focus For You and Your Business"
  • "The Secret of My Success - Lessons Learned from an Army of Coaches"
  • "Overcoming Objections"
  • "Masterminds and Expert Panels"
  • "How To Get Rich Slow - And What Nobody Else Tells You"